Annual Meeting

Chervò Golf Club

Pozzolengo , 23 - January 24, 2014

Like every year, in the beautiful location of Chervò Golf Club Pozzolengo, all the Italian agents and distributors of Pietravera gathered to share not only the results achieved in 2013 but also to understand the  prospects and strategies that will be adopted in the new year.

This year, the theme of the event was the topic related to the change as revolutionize. In fact, the slogan was " CHANGE - Cambia ! ", adopted since the middle of 2013 as battle cry by the company. 

This has initiated a number of very important real transformations, that gave rise to the new image EMISTONE up to the development of a new project that will culminate with the launch of a new line PIETRAVERA , scheduled for April 2014.

We talked about all these in front of a motivated sales network, decided to make Pietravera / Emistone brands, a point of reference on the market. The real " highlight " of the event was the intervention of one of the most important characters of the academic / financial world, Prof. Carlo Pelanda , who has literally " bewitched" the audience with his speech about  international geopolitics .

On the same day were present: Dr. Luciano Rodighiero , who explained the strategies to be adopted in the future, through a careful analysis of our results obtained in 2013 and the architect Marco Vismara, who gave an  original interpretation of the conditions that led to the birth of the new line Pietravera.

You too can discover the magic of the new line in the launch teaser !

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