Application Guide


EMISTONE® is natural stone veneer laminated to a fibreglass and polyester resin substrate.

is a natural stone veneer, color and texture variances are not defects within the material, but are inherent to it and part of the natural beauty of quarried materials.

cannot be guaranteed to match dye-lot to dye-lot, so it is recommended that orders take into account future maintenance or re-fit possibilities.
Layout & Patterns Preparation of the area to be covered and the layout of the EMISTONE sheets is the same as for natural stone or tile.

Time spent preparing the work area will pay off immensely. A preliminary dry fit of EMISTONE allows for arrangements and orientation of individual sheets, patterns, textures, and colors before final placement.

It is recommended that each sheet be dry fit exactly where it will be placed on horizontal or vertical surfaces. Numbering the sheets to track relocation before cutting and trimming is recommended and will save time.

Necessary Tools

Installation of EMISTONE® can be done using most of the basic tools used to install tile.


CuttingCutting straight lines and curves is best done
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using long nosed tin snips. EMISTONE ® can also be cut with a metal shear, wet saw, or table saw with carbide blade.

Hand Rollers A hand roller is recommended to remove air between the EMISTONE ® and substrate. To properly roll out trapped air, start in the middle of a sheet while firmly rolling to the edge. Do not press too hard while rolling as this may cause back-filled areas to push adhesive out and leave an air void. By proper pre-back-filling and using good rolling techniques a solid, hard surface will be achieved.
TrowelsFor best results of adhesive to substrate, a notched trowel is recommended. Use a straight trowel for back-filling of voids. Any bumps in the back surface should be sanded flat prior to back-filling. The back of EMISTONE ® may require a filler type adhesive to backfill or level out voids of the natural stone. It is always best to back-fill or back-butter voids or depressions in the material before application to a substrate.


EMISTONE® is a natural material and therefore requires, as with all natural materials, some attention in the care and maintenance over time. I t is best to pre-treat the product before installation, making a water-repellent treatment. This will protect the surface during installation and handling.

EMISTONE® an be treated with the same products used for slate and stone tiles. There are many products on the market suitable for this type of treatment. It is advisable to test any treatment in a corner or on a test sample to test whether the effect obtained is the desired one. After their final positioning is recommended to wash with neutral detergent (eg liquid soap or detergent for specific stones, also available on the market: Mr. Clean, Green Tot Smac, Bref Professional, Cif liquid degreaser, Fila Cleaner, Ajax classic, Glassex degreaser).
We recommend periodic maintenance cleaning as described above at least every six months; this intervention may be more frequent depending on the exposure of the stone dust or other pollution sources.

It is absolutely necessary to avoid the use of aggressive products for cleaning, such as acids (eg. Muriatic acid or similar acid-based detergents) or basic or aggressive products, however, as Viakal or the like. These products can permanently damage the material and therefore must be avoided.

For daily cleaning is recommended cleaners or degreasers diluted in hot water, always following the methods on the packages. Please pay close attention to rinsing and drying, which allows you to remove the dirt and avoid piling up (stratification) of detergent lime and dirt.


EMISTONE® proposes for the various types of application different adhesives that have been tested and verified for use with our thin stone . The use of adhesives that are commercially NOT ALWAYS can guarantee a good result because it does not designed specifically for the type of product. Know your adhesives! by understanding the specifics of the adhesive, a good deal of time and cost can be saved.

All adhesives should be tested prior to any installation including consideration of moisture and temperature in the planned environment.

If the application is outdoors, consideration to thermal expansion needs to be taken into account. Since
EMISTONE®is a veneer it must expand and contract with the substrate or delaminating may occur. The use of adhesives proposed by EMISTONE® guarantees, when engaged as shown in the best result of instantaneous and durable.
Where adhesive primers are recommended the bond should be tested by the installer before final installation.

The products most suitable for moisture or wet environment , are the epoxy resins and the resin-based. Contact adhesives are not recommended because of uneven product support. Do not use adhesive where the substrate is a barrier against moisture during the use of not catalyzed adhesives (type to water vapor). Adhesive may not adhere properly if applied between non-porous materials.


UV & Temperature
The stone surface of EMISTONE, like most stone elements, acts as a UV inhibitor and will resist high sun conditions for years. When adhered to a substrate, EMISTONE® will handle thermal contraction and or expansion of most standard construction materials. EMISTONE® will handle both high temperatures and freezing without cracking.

Precautions must be taken when working with EMISTONE due to the fiberglass composition of the backing materials. ALWAYS use the proper gloves, goggles, and dust mask when working with EMISTONE®. Industry standards recommend a NIOSH/MSHA approved respirator for this type of material. When using a saw ALWAYS be sure to take proper precautions to cover skin and eyes from fiberglass dust. When cutting EMISTONE® with saws, grinders, or sanders ALWAYS properly filter and exhaust equipment.

AVOID BREATHING SILICA DUST. This product when cut, drilled, or abraded produces dust containing Free Silica which may cause cancer or delayed lung injury (Silicosis) if inhaled. Work outdoors, in a well ventilated area, or use mechanical ventilation. Please wear safety glasses and a dust mask. If working in dusty areas or where airborne dust exceeds PEL wear NIOSH/MSHA approved respirators.